Success Reinvention


Harvey Castro, MD


Landing Page

Project objectives and implementation:

Development of a well-designed, presentable and multilingual page for the presentation of the book from the author Harvey Castro. Matching the design to the book, media on the page, as well as a sketchbook and slider for viewing brief information about the book.

The implementation was based on technologies such as WordPress content management system and plugins, such as the Elementor Pro, Smart Slider, WPML and more. The unique design was created according to the color scheme of the book cover. Also, a sketch-book was implemented, developed specifically for the client’s needs using HTML/CSS/JavaScript technologies.

Lightweight & modern website

The site is fully optimized for all browsers. Lightweight cache handling allows the site to load quickly even with a slow internet connection.

The design makes it easier to navigate the site, all information of interest is available on the title page.

Landing Page

Development of modern, responsive and adaptive page for any platform.


Transfer or placement of the site on any resource you specify.


Including and optimization of the multilingual block to attract a wide range of visitors.


Using custom blocks for any client needs.

Unique blocks

Adding of custom blocks for any client’s needs. Implementation of any content on your page. Your wishes are our development!